Russia has more to offer other than grand cities and historical architecture. There are mountains, quaint villages, and snowy glaciers to explore. Yet, it is easy to overlook the beauty of the country because of misinformation. In recent years, avid travellers are starting to take notice. The rich history of Russia is fast becoming the next big destination in Europe.

If you are thinking about visiting this vast nation, accommodation is vital to the trip. Safety and comfort are two things you cannot compromise. Fortunately, there is no shortage of incredible options in Russia. Whether you are willing to splurge or travel on a budget, you can find a place that suits your needs.

Different types of accommodation

Your budget and need will determine which type of accommodation suits you.

  1. Hotels. Russia is also home to some famous international hotel chains. These are your safest bets in quality and service. But, these hotels are often located only in major cities and downtown areas. If you are going to a lesser known location, you might have to rethink your options. Online hotel booking sites like will help you find the perfect hotel. If you also need to know how to get Russian tourist visa voucher when using, there are instructions online. Using a site like means you get a confirmation email once you booked a hotel. You may get in touch with the hotel for help in getting a tourist visa voucher.

  2. Hostels. For adventurous travellers and those on a budget, hostels are the way to go. Most of these are in excellent locations close to subways and restaurants. As long as you do not mind communal kitchens and bathrooms, hostels are a great choice.

  3. Apartment rentals. Airbnb and other similar services are popular with budget travellers. Apartment rentals are often cheaper than hotels. Moreover, apartment rentals are usually more flexible than conventional hotels.

When choosing any of these options, always ensure that you get the help you need in getting a travel voucher.

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Factors to consider in choosing an accommodation

Major tourist attractions in Russia are often found in major cities. As such, a primary consideration is how to get around conveniently. You will want to book an accommodation with access to public transportation. Walking is also a great idea as long as you book a hotel or hostel within downtown areas.

Price varies depending on the type of accommodation you book. But since you are in a foreign country, look beyond the cost and ensure that you are safe and comfortable. Read online reviews and check recommendations from famous travel blogs and magazines.

You also need to check if the hotel, hostel, or apartment allows cancellation. It is better to have a cancellation option in case you change your travel plans. Consider what possibilities may occur on or before you travel.

Lastly, scour the internet for the best deals on accommodations in Russia. Take time to compare prices and customer reviews. Verify amenities and do not take everything at face value. Dig a little deeper to find the best accommodation you can afford for your trip.