Most Filipinos who apply for a Russian visa usually don’t have any problem when it comes to obtaining it. It is enough to follow the rules set by the Russian consulate in Manila.

However, if these rules are not followed and you don’t ask to handle your Russian visa application it is likely that the visa application will be denied for reasons related to the documentation provided, due to the lack of any document or that any of the documents provided are incorrect or have an error.

If you process your visa through us, we guarantee Russian Visa PH issuance 100% or we will refund your money!

Denied Russian Visa for Filipinos
Denied Russian Visa for Filipinos

In these cases, there is no need to feel alarmed since we can solve it easily, by simply providing the missing documentation or correcting the incorrect data. Therefore, it is important to begin the Russian visa process well in advance of your trip, if there is any problem during the processing. We also provide express processing for those who need their visas fast.

But the problems don’t always come up for reasons related to the documentation provided, but also for reasons related to the applicant or their country of origin. For example, it may happen that the applicant has provided all the documentation correctly, but it has criminal records, or comes from a country that is currently at war or with an epidemic. These are also possible cases of denial of visa application for Filipinos who apply for Russian visa.

You must consider the following when apply for Russian visa for Filipinos:

If you are denied a visa for any reason, the Russian consular in Manila authorities don’t have to inform you of the reasons for the rejection, citing national security reasons. On top of not giving you any explanation, they don’t return the application fee if they deny you the visa.

Next, we will explain in detail below the main reasons for visa denial that we have seen, both those related to the documentation and those related to the characteristics of the applicant, so that you can avoid or correct them.

    1.1. The documentation provided to the Russian Embassy in Manila is incomplete
Russian Embassy in Manila
Russian Embassy in Manila

It means that the applicant has not provided all the required documentation. Therefore, it is important, before submitting the documentation, to check the only authorized Russian visa center in the Philippines or the Russian consulate Manila website, the updated list of necessary documentation, because sometimes the list of documents that you submit may change from one day to the next without prior notice.

Russian Embassy in Manila website has the updated list of necessary documentation, because sometimes the list of documents to be submitted may change from one day to the next without prior notice.

Check list Documentation Russian visa for Filipinos

If you submit the application personally at the Russian Consulate in Manila or at the only Authorized Visa Center, they will quickly tell you which documents are missing so you can come back another day with all the documentation.

If you send the documentation by courier, they will contact you to tell you what documentation is missing for you to send it.

1.2. The documentation provided is incorrect or with errors

But the most frequent problem that I have found is not that the documentation is incomplete, but that the applicant submits some of the documents in an incorrect manner.

If you have submitted any documentation incorrectly or with errors, they will inform you from the Russian consulate in Manila or authorized visa center so that you can correct the documentation.

These are the problems of incorrect documentation used to apply for Russian visa for Filipinos that we have most frequently seen and that you have to try to avoid:

Problems with your passport

Sometimes the applicant does not provide the original passport but a copy. It is important to know that you must provide the original passport since the visa sticks to one of the pages of the passport.

The vast majority of people are aware that they must provide the original passport, but in this case some problems can arise for the following reason:

Russian Visa for Filipinos application form
Russian Visa for Filipinos application form

The passport is damaged. In this case, the usual question arises: What is considered a damaged passport? It’s not easy to answer this question because it is subject to the decision of the Russian Consulate in Manila, but I recommend renewing the passport before applying for the visa if it has any of the following flaws:

  • Broken or torn page covers.
  • Has bite marks from your dog or cat.
  • The passport has faded colors.
  • Unstitched back of the passport.
  • It has ink, drink or food stains.
  • It became wet or you have put it inside the washing machine.
  • Damaged chip.

Our final recommendation: if you have doubts about whether your passport damaged or not, it is best to renew it to avoid problems, not only to obtain the Russian visa but to travel to any country in the world since it is the most important travel document.

Damaged Philippines passport

The passport is valid for less than 6 months from the date of completion of your trip to Russia. For example, if you apply for a Russian visa from June 1 to June 15, 2021, your passport must have a validity date beyond December 15, 2021, otherwise you must renew it before submitting the visa application. The passport doesn’t have two blank pages. If you travel a lot and have many visas and stamps from other countries in your passport, therefore check that you have at least two blank pages, otherwise you will have to renew your passport.

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